Buckcherry have been wrapping up the recording of their forthcoming concept album called ‘Confessions,’ but took some time out to explain why the new song ‘Wherever I Go’ appears on the ‘Avengers Assemble’ disc and not their upcoming album.

The band will be throwing fans a stylistic curveball with their new album ‘Confessions,’ which has previously been billed as a concept record based on the seven deadly sins. While that release is probably still a few months out, the band chipped in the track ‘Wherever I Go’ to the soundtrack for ‘The Avengers.’ “We had just started writing “Wherever I Go” and thought it would be a good candidate for ‘The Avengers’ so we finished it with that in mind,” guitarist Keith Nelson tells Artist Direct.

“Early on, there were a lot of songs we’d written that don’t thematically fit into the record,” says Nelson. “We were simply writing, and that’s when this song came about.” The song is darker than the party-rock anthems that have become the band’s calling card, which Nelson says is by design. “Lyrically, I think it’s definitely a tormented person. The lyric is ‘Wherever I go, my mind goes with me,’ so there’s a bit of torment in there. I think Josh really felt a connection to a few of the characters in the movie.”

Nelson also indicates that the album is near completion, saying, “There will be a couple final touches on ‘Confessions’” in the band’s near future — the disc is expected to be released at some point in 2012. Buckcherry are currently on a tour of North America, which runs through late July.

Hear Buckcherry’s ‘Wherever I Go’

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