There is much love for Buc-ee's in Texas and beyond. For good reason, it's a lot of fun to stop, fill up, go inside and wander around for an hour, grab a sandwich, some snacks and Buc-ee's merchandise, then continue the road trip. Some, however, even in Texas, have no love for the beaver and everything it can offer. As the behemoth pit stop continues its domination of America, that unpopularity may spreading, at least according to USA Today.

Top 10 Gas Stations in the U.S.

USA Today supposedly got a group of experts together to determine the best gas station chains in the United States. Those experts then took the facts they collected and presented them to the readers to vote. From that vote, they got the Top 10. It's hard to determine what prompted the rankings because there's no metrics to see how USA Today got these results, just some basic compliments and the ranking.

Michael Gibson / Townsquare Media
Michael Gibson / Townsquare Media

Buc-ee's came in at number 10 on this list of Best Gas Stations in the U.S. What were the negatives to push Buc-ee's to this ranking? It's not spelled out in the list, just some of the complimentary parts of Buc-ee's has to offer. Obviously, the ultra-clean bathrooms was the biggest compliment for Buc-ee's. There were also compliments for their fudge, deli area and those delicious Beaver Chips.

But No Negatives were Given for These Brands

If you're going to give a list like this, you need to list the negative attributes that lead to where they placed on this list. At number nine is QuikTrip. Personally, I love QuikTrip. I live in Lindale and stop by every morning for a refill of soda and the occasional snacks for the office as I head to our studios in Tyler. Again, there is a list of compliments like their made-to-order food (try a pizza from QuikTrip some time. It's really good.) But no negatives to give it a rank of number 9.

At number five on this list is Racetrac. There used to be a Racetrac in Lindale. I worked there for about a year and half or so right before starting my career in radio. It is now Raceway. Of course, this was 25 years ago now so I'm sure a lot has changed with the company since my time there but it was a good gas station to stop at and I enjoyed my time working there.

Some of these pit stops are very regional so it's more than likely you've never heard of, or stopped at, some of these stores. See their Top 10 list below and read the full details at

  • #10 - Buc-ee's
  • #9 - QuikTrip
  • #8 - TravelCenters of America
  • #7 - Rutter's
  • #6 - Maverik
  • #5 - Racetrac
  • #4 - Royal Farms
  • #3 - Casey's
  • #2 - Hy-Vee
  • #1 - Kwik Trip

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