Queen guitarist Brian May praised local firefighters in Surrey, England after their efforts helped save the musician’s home.

In a message posted to Instagram, the rocker first noted that a wildfire was "still smoldering less than a mile from my own house and studio," adding that he “never imagined” such danger in the traditionally rainy area. From there, May turned his attention to the men and women battling the blaze.

"Today we were able to begin to thank the amazing firefighters who risked their lives to contain this huge and treacherous wild furnace on the heath land of Sunningdale Golf Course - which actually adjoins my property,” the guitarist explained.

"Yesterday, I was rescuing as many precious things from my house as was practicable, under threat of the whole thing going up in flames, but praying that the horror would not happen,” May continued. “Today my prayers were answered."

The rocker also took the opportunity to voice his displeasure with government officials who have left the fire department "tragically under supported in recent years." "Something has gone terribly wrong with our leaders’ decision-making process," the guitarist opined. "As long as we prioritize short-term economic gains over the lives of our people and the welfare of those who protects us, we will be a nation continually in danger."

Read May's complete message below.

Firefighters have been battling the blaze - referred to as the Chobham Common wildfire - for several days now. Though the it still rages, the fire is said to be under control, prompting authorities to allow residents of the area back into their homes.

The BBC reports that the cause of the wildfire is not yet known.


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