Poison frontman Bret Michaels is a man who knows how to seize an opportunity. After winning ‘Celebrity Apprentice” he hit the ground running and hasn’t stopped since. He recently launched his ‘Pets Rock’ pet line exclusively at PetSmart so it’s not much of a stretch that the six-pack sporting Bret Michaels would want a piece of the fitness market too.

Michaels announced in a recent interview with Celebuzz that his new ‘Rock Bands’ resistance training workout was slated to come out around Christmas – just in time to pick one up for your friends and family.

When it comes to personal fitness, Michaels said that his personal mantra is: “No excuse, put it to use.” Michaels said that he puts his body to use by working out on a regular basis. “I get my six pack with mountain biking, kick-boxing, strength training, running and a lot of sit ups,” revealed the singer.

So what happens when Michaels is on tour like he is now with Poison crossing the country with Def Leppard? The gym comes along for the ride. Bret told Star Magazine (via Blabbermouth), “Strength training is key so I can keep up my energy on stage, so I literally bring my gym with me. I have my own gym that we carry behind the tour bus.” Now that’s dedication.

In addition to his recent health scares from a massive brain hemorrhage in 2010 to undergoing major surgery to repair a whole in his heart, Michaels has lived his entire life as a diabetic. Maintaining his diabetes lead to a healthier lifestyle for Michaels and has helped keep him in the shape he is today.

In other Bret Michaels news, the singer recently parted ways with his girlfriend of 18 years, Kristi Gibson.


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