One of the things you have to love about East Texas is that ice cream is a year round treat. Yes, it can be a 20 degree day but we've got to have a bowl or a cone topped with some flavor of Blue Bell ice cream. That flavor can be a staple like Homemade Vanilla or Cookie Two Step but it could also be a seasonal favorite like Christmas Cookies or Peppermint Bark. To kick off 2023, Blue Bell is bringing back a fan favorite with a nostalgic look to it, Tin Roof.

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Good News to Wake Up To

Blue Bell fans woke up to the news that Tin Roof is returning to your favorite grocer's freezer today. The cool thing about this returning flavor is that it has a nostalgic look to the half gallon carton.

Nostalgic Look

I like the gold accented tin wall with the flavor's name on the badge. Very old school look for the 100 plus year old company. I like the combination of flavors in this returning favorite, too. Vanilla ice cream mixed with a chocolate sundae sauce with chocolate dipped peanuts. Dude, my Type 1 diabetic butt needs to take a shot just thinking about it.

Tin Roof is a vanilla flavored ice cream with a rich chocolate sundae sauce and roasted peanuts dipped in a dark chocolate flavored coating. - Blue Bell

Blue bell fans, get on over to your favorite grocer after you get off work and pick up a half gallon while its in the freezer section for a limited time.

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