Earlier this week we posted about a tragic motorcycle accident in Tyler.  23 year old Kendrick Clark was killed on Tuesday morning just before 11am when a Chevrolet Impala turned left in to the Broadway Square Mall parking lot.  Clark was driving a  Kawasaki motorcycle south on Broadway when the Imapla, driven by Helen Turner, turned in front of him. More after the jump.

When I posted about this story originally, I did not know if Turner was confused by the blinking yellow left turn arrow, or if she simply did not see the motorcycle.  I asked listeners to give us feedback about the yellow blinking arrows.  Tyler is only the third city in the state to install these new arrows.  I asked if the yellow turn signals were confusing.  We got a lot of comments on the story.  Most everyone who commented understood that the yellow arrow meant to yield to oncoming traffic.

Yesterday it was reported by KLTV that Mrs. Turner was NOT confused by the blinking yellow turn signal.  Her statement to the Tyler police about the accident shows that she simply didn't see the motorcycle.  You will notice in the statement that she saw other traffic coming towards her, but she turned because she felt the other vehicles were far enough away to be able to safely make a left hand turn.  She says she never saw Clark.

The audio of this police statement is below.  I will caution you that it is hard to listen to as she gives the details of what she saw when she got out of her car after the accident.  Thanks to KLTV for the audio:

This accident has touched our community in many ways.  Some are angry, but most just feel sadness all the way around. This is a horrible tragedy that happens all too often. LOOK FOR MOTORCYCLES!

Please leave your comments about this story below.  A lot of people have very strong feelings and we would like to hear them.  In addition, if you would like to share your condolences for the Clark family please leave those below as well.