Smashing Pumpkins frontman and guitarist Billy Corgan is a lifelong wrestling fan, and rather than love it from a distance, as most fans would, the rocker has launched his own Resistance Pro Wrestling promotion company. To further demonstrate his love for the entertainment sport, and for his native city, Corgan appears in a wrestling-themed commercial for the Chicago furniture store Walter E. Smithe's.

It's a two-fer, since the wrestlers for Resistance Pro appear in the spot. Corgan, who is often viewed as ultra serious, shows off his playful side as a manager hanging outside the ropes. He acts and calls attention to his wrestling endeavor in one fell swoop.

Since wrestlers are famous for grabbing folding chairs and smashing them over their opponents' backs in dramatic fashion, it makes perfect sense for Corgan to promote his league alongside Smithe's fine seating options.

And it's refreshing to see the lighter side of Billy Corgan -- in a furniture commercial, no less. This icon of alternative rock clearly holds his boyhood interests near and dear, and while he may not act as well as he sings, plays guitar and writes songs, he's entertaining nonetheless. Viva le Resistance Pro!

In addition to wrestling, Corgan digs hot, caffeinated beverages and recently opened the tea house Madame ZuZu's in the Windy City. Tea and wrestling -- two totally different yet equally noble pursuits for this enterprising rocker.

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