The Smashing Pumpkins have received some positive reviews for their latest album, 'Oceania,' and it's got Billy Corgan energized for what's to come next. The singer revealed that he's already working on the follow-up even though 'Oceania' is only a few months old.

Corgan told MTV Hive, "I'm starting to write new songs for the next Pumpkins album. I have to go home and work on the script for tomorrow's wrestling show. I got a lot going on. I have a title for the next album, but I won't tell. It's going to be a cruel record. Vengeance is mine."

But before Corgan gets around to the next record, there's still 'Oceania' to support. The band just issued the new single 'Panopticon' last week, and they recently announced dates for their fall tour. The trek begins Sept. 22 in Mexico City.

The frontman says that while there may be some songs from the early days factoring into the band's sets, he doesn't envision a scenario where he would consider playing either the 'Gish' or 'Siamese Dream' albums in full. He explains, "That overly sentimental culture as a new business model is really weak. I'm in my 40s, I should be making new music predominantly. I think that that expectation that's been created is really bad for people."

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