Rumors have been circulating for the past week, loud enough that I've mentioned it as a real possibility on Classic Rock 96-1 several times in the past few days.  Now, it's been confirmed, but the promoters put a gag order on us 'til early Monday morning.  That's killin' me, so here are a few hints:  1-  the venue is pictured here.   

2- the headliner is in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame...  as co-founder of a legendary band.  3- he's a native Texan, & part of his early Lone Star State history includes a short stint in Nacogdoches attending SFASU.  4-  his group's been in the news recently, having signed to headline two major summer music festivals, which was an unexpected development.  5- he's been a successful solo performer during a stretch of years when his band was on hiatus, & he'll be doing this show on his own, although word is lots of "special guests" will be joining in because the event celebrates a personal milestone.

I've practically given it away already, so that's enough for now.  We'll reveal all on Monday morning, including how you can win tickets from Classic Rock 96-1.  Watch this space!

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