**Updated 7/12/23**

We just learned that Patrick Mahomes and his wide Brittany have built a new mansion which means he will be selling his old home. But if you want to see where he was living scroll down as we have photos for you to check out.

It’s fun to watch and cheer on one of the best NFL Quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes as he continues to do well with his NFL career. He already has a Super Bowl win in 2020, but many people didn’t know that just one week after winning that Super Bowl he was house hunting along with his now wife Brittany. You have to see the difference in homes before and after he led the Kansas City Chiefs to a Super Bowl victory.  

I don’t think there is a person in the world that wouldn’t love to own either of these properties but the difference between the two homes is about a 1.5-million-dollar difference. The place that he purchased after signing his rookie contract was around $475,000 and his home now is valued at over 2 million dollars. But neither home is coming close to even making a difference in his bank account since Patrick signed his monster deal of $500 million dollars with the Chiefs. 

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Details About Patrick Mahomes First Home in Kansas City 

This penthouse in Kansas City was 2 bedrooms 2 ½ bathrooms and offered a short commute to Arrowhead Stadium where the Chiefs play football. The property has a nice rooftop terrace as seen in the pictures below and also included a private 2 car garage. The property was on Belleview Avenue in Kansas City, MO. 


Patrick Mahomes First Home in Kansas City

This was the first property Patrick and Brittany purchased after moving to Kansas City as he began his career with the Chiefs.

Information About Patrick Mahomes Home After Winning the Super Bowl 

While Patrick and Brittany could have purchased just about any home they wanted in the Kansas City area or built exactly what they wanted, they didn’t go crazy with their new home purchase. Their beautiful home is 3 bedrooms 2 ½ bathrooms and includes a huge shoe closet that holds over 180 pairs of sneakers. They have room for their pups Steel and Silver, you’re going to love looking at these photos. 

Patrick and Brittany Mahomes House After Super Bowl Win

After Patrick Mahomes won the Super Bowl with the Chiefs he upgraded his home.

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