As you can probably tell, your news feeds are very quiet this morning as Dallas Cowboys fans try to come to terms with their season coming to an end. While it was a great 12-win season and NFC division title, the Cowboys first round playoff exit has without a doubt lead to disappointment and frustration. But one thing I will never understand is how you let a GAME force you to come to BLOWS with a stranger.

Social Media Exploded With Multiple Videos Of Cowboys Fans Behaving Badly

Within seconds of the game's controversial ending, video came out of fans throwing trash onto the field as the referees were running off the field. While it was explained that the trash was for the "refs", some of the thrash being thrown hit Cowboys players as they left field as well. How about yall DON'T throw stuff at folks to begin with.

Fans Were Also Throwing Trash On Each Other.


If you can talk trash but can't handle that trash talk being thrown back at you, THROW REAL TRASH BACK? Sorry sis, this ain't it. In this video we see an angry Cowboys fan throw stuff at a Niners fan despite stadium workers best effort to tell he to calm down.


Some Fights Started Inside The Stadium


Before you think it was Cowboys vs. Niners fans, there's lots of video of Cowboys vs. Cowboys fans. It appears that some fans would rather take out their anger on folks who are supposed to be on the same side. This scrap is clearly alcohol induced as folks are swinging wildly everywhere but hardly connecting.

Chaos Was All Over AT&T Stadium...


While this isn't the first time we've seen this type of behavior, its still alarming and it shows that folks get WAY too emotional and irrational over a game. Let me be clear, on any given Sunday during the NFL season you can find videos of fans behaving badly at EVERY stadium so this problem isn't exclusive to Dallas. But maybe, just maybe if you feel like you can't handle these situations like adults, then you need to stay at home and watch on TV.

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