For some, when thinking about ZZ Top, their massive beards are first to come to mind before their music. In honor of their upcoming show at The Oil Palace, it seems appropriate to introduce East Texas to the growing trend of beard art. All around the world, more and more men are competing in beard competitions. There are numerous ways that these hairy works of art are judged. Most are competing in categories such as Mustache, Partial Beard, and Natural Beard. Some being judged by length begs the question, "Why have the men of ZZ Top never competed?"

But, it must be said that the group getting the most attention is the Freestyle category.

The Freestyle competition is where one can see the most creative styles. Swirls, rings and even aquatic scenes are encouraged for this event. It seems the more wild and crazy the design, the better chance of winning you can have. This pageantry of beards takes them from being flavor savers to facial decoration of the most extreme lengths.

So after you have seen ZZ Top on Oct. 28 at The Oil Palace in Tyler, make plans to go see these fancy furry faces in Las Vegas for the National Beard and Mustache Competition.

Or, you know, just grow one of your own.

Here are some beards even Billy Gibbons would be proud of.

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