There are many creative ways to indicate you are about to take a bathroom break.  However, some are just blown out of proportion!

According to CBS DFW, a man in a bathroom stall at a Kansas Home Depot found out the hard way when to announce he's planning on doing the #2.

While preparing to go to the bathroom he made a statement something like,

You all need to get out of here because I’m fixin’ to blow it up!

Another guy in the bathroom went to a Home Depot employee and said someone in the building had a bomb and everyone needed to evacuate the building.

The employee then notified security, when then called 9-1-1 where eventually they tracked down the man who spoke to the employee and realized he was trying to be funny relaying it was only a joke.

Maybe he should have said "Don't nobody go in the bathroom for 35-45 minutes."


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