Well, the producer of “Bad Lip Reading” is back and “better than ever baby”! The "Bad Lip Reader" behind the YouTube channel is an anonymous music and video producer based in Los Angeles and got started back in March of 2011 with the release of a spoof of Rebecca Black's song "Friday", entitled "Gang Fight". The still side splitting collection of “mic time” snippets recreated in their own dialogue has taken on the POTUS State Of The Union address from Feb. 5th and “spun it their way” in only 7 days.

In a must watch moment for ALL comedy and entertainment enthusiasts, try to grasp a hold of just how creative and talented this obvious wordsmith has to be to simply begin. I have personally spent a couple of hours over the last 2-3 years sitting in front of a computer screen just as you are doing now, enjoying not only the great humor in it all, but also marveling in the huge amount of creativity this man gets to serve us with in the process. Being a sports enthusiast, I cannot get enough of the now 6 NFL themed “Bad Lip Reading” moments from actual game and sideline footage. The 1st NFL BLR video hit the channel in 2013 and has since been the most viewed of that, and every year they release another just prior to each years Super Bowl.

BLR YouTube has taken on political candidates, Hollywood front runners, TV show hosts, the Star Wars Trilogy, even Video Game characters over the past 8 years. In total, BLR has released 95 videos with no end in sight.

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