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Your name, it's something that is going to stick with you forever. Your good looks, healthy, luscious, thick hair, muscles, and good friends will not stick with you as long as your name will. For parents in Dallas, Texas, and in Tyler and Longview too, who are expecting their first child or another one, they're debating right now as to what name to give to their precious newborn.

The name these new parents give to their child could have a special family meaning. The name given could be after the father and become a Jr. or III. Or the name they choose could be after a grandmother or other family member or even after a celebrity.

Looking ahead to the end of the year and into 2024, new parents seem to be ditching traditional names and opting for more unusual names with some relating to weather. Younger parents seem to be drawn to atmospheric-related names for their offspring. Currently, the name Aero is on the rise. Aero means 'of the sky' and is usually given to a boy.

Experts at Nameberry say the more traditional names we're accustomed to hearing are slowly declining and going out of fashion calling it the '100-year name rule'.

Names tied to parents' parents' generation (the grandparents of the baby) are usually considered to be among the least fashionable choices one could use for a baby, like Brenda and Gary today. Once a name is on the decline, we expect it to follow the 100-year rule – names take about 100 years to come back into fashion." (Mirror)

According to Nameberry, these atmospheric names are poised to pop up and gain popularity into the new year.

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