There’s an old saying about how there’s a certain honor among thieves. Maybe that should be amended to “a certain hygiene” among thieves. According to Ad Week, one of the products most frequently purchased via the five finger discount is Axe body spray.

Apparently, meatheads are risking prosecution to acquire a product that is the olfactory embodiment of Pepé Le Pew. Oddly enough, chains like CVS and Walgreen’s have been hit with burglaries where the only item to be lifted is body wash.

This disturbing trend raises certain questions. Is Axe body spray really that cost prohibitive when it retails at around $5.49? That being said, tanning, human growth hormones and “guylights” really add up. A guy has to save where he can!

Perhaps this same demographic can be blamed for boosting some of the other items rounding out Ad Week’s top ten most commonly lifted products. The list includes filet mignon, Ralph Lauren Polo shirts and those nearly surgical grade Gillette Mach 4 razors.

It’s only a matter of time before bros with questionable tribal tattoos start seeking some sort of protected status for unfair profiling from drug store security guards.

[Via AdWeek]

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