I’m convinced it takes twenty dollars just to leave the house nowadays, life has gotten so darn expensive but complaining about it won’t help. Which is why we all try to save a few bucks here and there because it all adds up. But sometimes when you’re trying to save money you end up buying something that is just not very good quality or isn’t good value for your money. Which is why I wanted to share this list of 24 items you should avoid purchasing when you are buying items at dollar stores. 

It seems like every small town in East Texas or anywhere in Texas for that matter has a dollar store. But you really need to be careful about what you purchase from dollar stores or discount stores because often times you think that shopping there is saving you money but that isn’t always the case. 

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I’ve Bought Many of These Items Before 

This is definitely one of those learn from my mistake situations. It wasn’t long ago that I was writing my shopping list and deciding whether it was cheaper to shop at the dollar store or Walmart. Many times, buying items from the dollar store but because the item didn’t work like I wanted I would buy a better version of that same product from Walmart. Ugh. 

Let Look at Those Items We Should Avoid 

To make sure you don’t have to purchase items multiple times, or you get a cheap version of the product you want, here is a look at the items you should avoid purchasing from dollar stores in Texas. 

24 Items You Should Avoid Buying at Dollar Stores in Texas

To avoid a low quality item, you should avoid purchasing these things at dollar stores.

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