If you’ve been able to visit AT&T Stadium for any reason it takes just seconds to realize how amazing this stadium is compared to so many others around the world. It first opened in 2009 and everyone was amazed with how gigantic the screen is in the middle of the stadium giving every person in attendance a great view of the action. And now we are finding out that this amazing facility is only getting better as it’s going to have $295 million dollars invested into making it better than ever.  

According to WFAA, the new upgrades should be ready for 2026 when AT&T Stadium will be used for some World Cup soccer games that are scheduled there. While there won’t be any huge changes to the stadium the large amount of money will be mostly spent on upgrading technology and refreshing the venue prior to some lease rentals that are coming up.  

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How Will The AT&T Stadium Renovations Be Paid For? 

The money is coming from the Cowboys organization as they will be asking the NFL to not pay their usual contributions of shared gate revenues. This is a common thing when a team is working on stadium improvements. Once these improvements are made it could give AT&T Stadium a better chance of hosting a Super Bowl in the near future. 

Other Big Events that AT&T Stadium Will Be Hosting 

In 2030 the stadium will be used for the NCAA Men’s Final Four. And once the upgrades are done you can expect other large events to be making their way to Arlington, Texas. We are excited to see how they can improve on this already very impressive stadium.  

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