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It's 2020, things have been weird. So weird, we were told that aliens and UFOs are real, and people have really not reacted. We weren't just told, there were videos from the United States Government that shows UFOs that were released, and people just kind of shrugged.

But maybe some of the new information might get people to pay attention.

Scientists now say they're receiving radio signals from outer space. They believe they're coming from inside of our own galaxy.

These blasts are "fast radio bursts", referred to as FRBs by astronomers, are super powerful blasts that last for less than a second. Some of these experts say these are strong than our sun.

But it doesn't seem to be exactly what we all thing of when we hear "radio signals". They're not sending us music, or a talk show, these are just bursts of radio energy. Basically a massive disruption to the existing radio waves. Which isn't as cool, and it also hurts the coolness, because that means its probably not aliens. In fact, researchers feel like they know where these are coming from. Kiyoshi Masui, assistant professor of physics at MIT told The Independent:

“There’s this great mystery as to what would produce these great outbursts of energy, which until now we’ve seen coming from halfway across the universe”

But he did add some cool details (not as cool as aliens sending us Elvis songs of course), including that they thinks they've found a source of these energy bursts...

“This is the first time we’ve been able to tie one of these exotic fast radio bursts to a single astrophysical object.”

The object in question is called a "magnetar", which is basically a magnetic star. Just a giant electromagnet in space. Which might not be as cool as aliens, but its still pretty damn cool.

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