Apple's World Wide Developers Conference Begins In San Francisco
loading... is reporting that Apple has been granted a patent for a technology that doesn't even exist yet! Get ready for the world of 5D technology!

the 5D system that Apple has in mind would include movement-controlled gaming - much like a Nintendo Wii, video-conferencing, and virtual reality gloves that would all come together and be used for the ultimate home entertainment experience! The future is here ladies and gentlemen!

Apple's 5D technology also means that touchscreens don't necessarily need a screen at all! They could be made of pretty much any material!

This patent goes even farther. It covers tactile feedback technology. What is that? Glad you asked! How about having the ability to start a futuristic car or signal a device through a hand print instead of any sort of key or button.

But what's really important to me is this - do I still have to wear those goofy looking glasses at 3D movies?

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