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If you’re like me, you've done quite a bit of online shopping in the past week or so. I was actually cyber-shopping out ahead of the game and received one package the day after Thanksgiving. Then I shopped more over the holiday weekend and on Cyber Monday, and there are five more orders on the way.

I feel bad for the guy that has to come to my house five times to deliver these packages! Actually it may be a combination of the Postal Service, UPS, and Fed Ex that will be bringing all of these boxes to my doorstep. I know those companies are making tons of money this time of year and their bosses aren’t complaining, but don’t ya kinda feel bad that they have to bring you boxes Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Monday, and Tuesday? ”Not this address again!”

To the package delivery peeps, I’m fine if you stack it all up somewhere and wait til you have a good three or four big boxes, and then come to my house. It just seems more efficient that way. I don’t really need the stuff until December 25th anyway, or maybe the 18th so I have time to wrap things. Just trying to save you some time!

Thanks for doing what you do, delivery guys and gals! You’re doing fine work. And it’s entertaining to watch you run to the doorstep as fast as you can, and run back to the truck and peel out toward the next house that has ordered just as big a pile of clothing, Blu Ray discs, and coffee as I have. Merry Christmas.

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