This weekend as I walked through my house I heard the oh to familiar sounds of Angry Birds.  My kids try to hurry through whatever I have asked them to do in order to level up.  I had to put the application on my phone to see why they had such a fevered passion.  Yes I confess that I spent my Saturday night becoming the BEST Angry Birds player in the house.  In order to make sure I was gonna have a shot at beating my 9 year old I found some useful links that will ensure your triumph!  Last night as supper we all sat and talked about "Angry Birds" -- what the flock is this world coming to?
Theme 1 / Levels 1 - 5

Theme 1 / 6 - 10 Levels

Theme 1 / 11 - 15 Levels

Theme 1 / 16 - 21 Levels

It's not cheating -- It is using the technology to the best of your abilities!

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