In Dallas County, Arkansas there is a cemetery with a highly unusual final resting place for of the deceased.

From the website Atlas Obscura - in the town of Carthage you will find Hampton Springs Cemetery and when you enter there is a tree. Hold on! I know what you’re saying. "There are a lot of trees in cemeteries", and that is true.

However, this particular tree is unique because it has a gap in the base of the trunk and bricks have been placed in there - according to local stories and legends, there is a body hiding inside the trunk.

According to legends described in Roadside America the tree was starting to rot away so a couple scraped out the rotten part and filled it with concrete to keep the tree from falling and damaging the other tombstones.  The tree ultimately survived and over time started to cover up the bricks inside.

It's probably just a bunch of local teens making some noise and continuing a long-winded rumor, but hey, it could be real, too.

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