I have to apologize to the neighborhood for the most annoying Halloween decoration ever.  I can explain it.  I have children.

A friend gave a motion-activated black cat to my daughter, Piper, because she knows Piper loves Halloween decorations that make noise, rattle and light up.  The more obnoxious they are the better.  Piper is 8 and it wouldn't bother her one bit if the rest of the neighborhood ended up banning us from future pot lucks and parties in the park because we become that house.

This cat!  I have a home recording studio near the front of the house, and the black cat sits on the front steps near the entrance.  My office desk is probably fifty jack-o-lanterns away from the cat, but the blood-curdling meow travels right through the brick and every time the cat opens its mouth.  And this happens constantly.

The motion-activation is so sensitive that the cat launches into its routine anytime a person walks within ten feet of it, anytime a car drives by, or every time the wind blows. If the sound bleeds through my walls, I'm sure the neighbors are hearing it too.  I can't tell if it sounds like the cat is dying, in heat, or just mad at 2020, but it's a smidge disturbing.  The cat has no volume control, but it does have an off switch, and the family consensus is to leave it off until October 31st.  Unless...

Do you think it could scare landscape-eating rabbits away?  Then the neighbors might thank me.  They're putting cobwebs in their trees and installing makeshift cemeteries, but at least those are quiet.

We sure do learn a lot about our neighbors this time of year, and I apologize to mine for disturbing the peace with this plastic pet.  I promise Santa's "ho-hos" will be much quieter.

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