As a parent I can understand that kids like to touch and play when it comes to certain gadgets.  I have a smartphone and I allowed my kids, nieces and nephews to play on my phone because it had games.  As time progressed they have gotten their own smartphone or tablet and they play their games and download free apps for their enjoyment.  However, if not monitored properly or if you don't have certain settings in place you could wind up with a hefty bill and it's too late by then.

An article from Fortune Magazine reported: if your kid played games on any Amazon device, you could potentially collect a refund in part of a $70 million settlement that the company has reached with the Federal Trade Commission.

The announcement was made on Tuesday, saying consumers who are eligible should receive an email from Amazon notifying them about the settlement.  If you're wondering if you made the list, go to their website and log into your account and you will be informed if you are eligible.  I tried it and got the following message:

Sorry, but you do not appear to have any potentially eligible in-app purchase refunds as defined by the court. Thank you for being an Amazon Appstore customer.

When Amazon launched it's app in 2011, they didn't require any passwords to purchase app, which gave children easy access to purchase without their parents consent.   The Federal Trade Commission accused Amazon in 2014 for making it too easy for kids to purchase and play games.

Check your account to see if you qualify for this refund!

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