It’s the type of thing that we all know has happened before, but that doesn’t necessarily make it legal. If you’re riding a horse in the state of Texas are you allowed to enjoy an adult beverage at the same time? It’s not like you’re driving a vehicle 70 mph down the highway. But according to Texas you would be breaking the law if you were drinking and riding at the same time. 

While You’re Not in a Vehicle, It’s Illegal 

Drinking and riding horses might be something common in movies, television shows, or even in real life with no one else around. That doesn’t make it legal in the state of Texas. While you would avoid getting an actual charge of DUI there are still lots of other things that law enforcement could charge you with.  

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What Could You Be Charged With if Caught Riding Under the Influence? 

If an officer of the law makes contact with you and you seem under the influence of alcohol while riding a horse you could be charged with public intoxication and possibly animal endangerment. If you have a kid riding with you the charges could increase drastically with child endangerment.  

The fact is that if you’re over the legal limit of .08 you could be putting yourself and the animal in serious danger. So, while it might seem like fun, don’t put yourself in a tough situation after having some drinks. The punishment could mean up to 180 days in jail and even having your driver's license suspended even on the first offense. It’s just not worth it.  

10 Common Laws Broken in Texas

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