The love for Buc-ee's in Texas is real. There's lots of great reasons for that love, Texan owned company, great food, lots of gas pumps, fun mascot, it's a fun stop for any road trip. Fans, including myself, have a nice collection of t-shirts from throughout the years (I believe I'm up to 5). So it should come as no surprise that someone has come up with a song about Buc-ee's. It's not a song in the traditional since, however. This dude on TikTok used AI to create a song and frankly, it's a banger.

Beats By Ai on TikTok

The account is called Beats By Ai on TikTok. This user will go to artificial intelligence, Chat GPT most likely, and have it create songs about various topics in various styles. The majority are country songs but there are rock, blues, gospel and other music genres. To be honest, after listening to a couple of them, they came out pretty good. I'm a big fan of rock music. This one about butterflies is pretty fire:

@beatsbyaiofficial Asking Ai To Make A Heavy Metal Song About Butterflies #aisong #heavymetal #rockmusic #aimusic #discover #newmusic #fyp #originalsound #butterfly #butterflies #trendingsong #fypage #fypシ゚viral #lyrics #suno #metalhead ♬ original sound - Beats By Ai

He has AI create an EDM song about Karens at a retail store:

@beatsbyaiofficial Asking Ai To Make A Hit EDM Song Day 8 ️ #aisong #edm #electronicmusic #aimusic #discover #newmusic #fyp #originalsound #trendingsong #karen #fypage #funnysong #fypシ゚viral #lyrics #dubstep #suno #bassdrop #basshead #headbanger #karens ♬ original sound - Beats By Ai

But you are not here for those AI tunes, you are here for a song about Buc-ee's, the Texas gas station behemoth with bathrooms you can dine in. Beats By Ai asked AI to create a country song about the gas station giant and it's pretty good:

@beatsbyaiofficial Asking Ai To Make A Hit Country Song Day 83 ⛽️ #aimusic #country #countrymusic #aisong #funnysong #bucees #discover #newmusic #comedy #lyrics #suno #southern #texas #beatsbyai #aigenerated ♬ BUCCEES SONG - Beats By Ai

I'll be honest, I like it. He really should send this to Arch "Beaver" Aplin and Don Wasek and have them use it for commercials. Come to think of it, Buc-ee's doesn't advertise. They don't use television. They don't use radio. They do utilize some very clever messages on billboards. Even one asking drivers in New Jersey to u-turn and drive 500 plus miles to closest Buc-ee's in South Carolina.

No matter, that song about Buc-ee's is pretty good and pretty catchy. So are the other songs from Beats By Ai. Check out his channel on TikTok.

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