So much for teaching the values of good sportsmanship.

A recent youth league baseball game in Cooper City, Fla. was interrupted when two adults began brawling. You can see the alarming video here.

Two men start going at it, forcing other men to jump in. What makes this video truly captivating, though, is the fact the batter and the catcher are watching the donnybrook while they stand by home plate, completely shocked at what's happening.

It's a sad juxtaposition -- two kids who probably just want to play baseball on a nice day forced to stop because adults who should be setting an example of how to act attack each other like they're in WWE.

You can't help but feel badly for the kids while shaking your head at the poor behavior of the adults.

No charges were filed and there didn't appear to be any serious injuries, which may be the only good things to come out of this ugly episode.

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