How about "married!"  That was the worst discovery so far in my online dating adventures. Three months after we dated a guy said to me, "I probably should have told you this, but I'm in an open marriage."  Yep, ya prolly should have mentioned it!

What are your dating deal breakers?  One guy had a super hero collection that he was going to let occupy a whole room in his house. What else?  Add to this quirky list.

Dating is a challenge.  Here are some actual deal breakers from my online dating travels over the past two years:

-- The huge super hero collection

-- He let his teenage son sleep until 4pm every Saturday

-- Snoring as loud as a buzz saw

-- Napping every day at noon

-- His upper lip was too thin

-- His huge gun collection scared me

-- He had a foot fetish and wanted to do strange things with my feet

-- He asked me to take a trip to Vegas after two dates

-- His profile pics were young and trim, and he was actually old and fat.

I'm sure you have things to add!

I read that the most common thing guys lie about on profiles is their interests. Sometimes they fudge them to appear more into girlie things like shopping and getting their nails done, when they're really rather be hunting.  The top thing women lie about is height.  It's hard to hide these things forever!  If we say we're 5'8" and we show up a hair over 5'2" on a date, the truth will be known.

Maybe our luck will change this week, with St. Patty's Day on Thursday.  It could be a lucky happy hour when the stars align and a great match appears.  If you're happily married and you've found a guy you're deeply compatible with, good for you!  That's what the rest of us are looking for.


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