There are a select few people who just really make us want to hate the human race. The things that these select few people do always make us scratch our heads. We wonder why on Earth they would want to do something like this. Two incidents have occurred in East Texas that are making us wonder what is wrong with people. These incidents come from Nacogdoches and Henderson counties involving the abuse and killing of wildlife.

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Abused and Killed Wildlife

Posts went up on Facebook November 14 from the Henderson County Sheriff's Office and the Nacogdoches County Sheriff's office where game wardens are needing the public's assistance in finding who abused and killed wildlife in each of those counties. One incident involves a dumped deer while the other involves the shooting of two eagles.

Nacogdoches County

We'll start in Nacogdoches County. It was discovered in a field along County Road 283 that two bald eagles had been shot. Nacogdoches Crime Stoppers has a $1,000 reward set aside for the person that can provide information into the arrest of the person or persons who did this. You can report your tip to or call 936-560-4636.

Henderson County

In Henderson County, a separate incident involving wildlife took place. Game wardens in the county believe someone dumped a White-tailed buck on County Road 1311 late at night of November 11 or early in the morning of November 12. The buck did not have it's head. If you have any details that could lead to the arrest of the person or persons involved, you can call Operation Game Thief at 1-800-792-4263 or Texas Game Warden Mark Anderson at 903-907-2102.

Henderson County Sheriff's Office via Facebook
Henderson County Sheriff's Office via Facebook

Despicable Humans

Both of these acts are despicable. Someone or someones killed a protected animal and our national symbol just for fun and another someone or someones killed a deer simply to have a trophy. If you know anything, please let the proper authorities know so they can bring these people to justice.

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