If you’ve ever had vehicle troubles and had to call someone to pick you up so you had to leave your vehicle behind you know, it’s the worst feeling. Not only is your mode of transportation out of service but you know that you still must deal with that problem as quickly as you can. Obviously, because you need your vehicle back but also because you don’t want law enforcement to consider your vehicle abandoned and have it towed away. 

If you do have a vehicle that breaks down on you and you have to leave it how long do you have before it’s considered abandoned? There are a few questions we have to answer prior to knowing the real answer. If your vehicle breaks down on private property like in a grocery store parking lot, your best solution is to speak with a manager and let them know about the issue and tell them you are trying to get it resolved as quickly as possible and ask if they have a policy on vehicles in the parking lot. If it’s in a public area, according to Texas law you have 48 hours to move your vehicle. 

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What About Junked Vehicles 

A junked vehicles is one that is not in good working order or something that could be considered dangerous, local law officials can have those vehicles remove in a quicker time frame just depending on the laws at the local level.  

Don’t Go Past 48 Hours 

If you wait longer than Texas law allows you could be paying a big towing bill and storage fees for your vehicle. So, try to get your vehicle back to your property or to a vehicle repair facility as quickly as possible.  

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