The annual Record Store Day usually happens in April, but the pandemic has been messing with the schedule.  There will be two drops this summer and a Tyler store is participating.

Record Store Day celebrates Mom-and-Pop shops and musical independence every year, and artists usually release records that are a tad outside of the norm as a special treat for fans.  Because of the pandemic, the 2020 Record Store Day was rescheduled twice, and there are more schedule changes this year.

load of limited edition vinyl, cassettes, and box sets will be available on two Record Store Days, June 12th and July 17th.  And you'll have a chance to snag vinyl in almost all of the colors of the rainbow.

I bought Meghan Trainor's Christmas album on vinyl last December, and I loved that it was solid red.  We also have a white Aerosmith record, a red Queen album, and a clear Michael Jackson vinyl album.  Colors are fun, and they don't happen on streams!  There are more collector's edition colors coming on vinyl this summer.

There are more than 420 exclusive titles that'll be available at independent record stores for Record Store Day 2021, and the releases will happen across every genre.

Some of the rockers that will have a Record Store Day release:


The Allman Brothers Band

Beastie Boys

Black Sabbath

The Cure

Def Leppard

Dire Straits

John Fogerty


Elton John

The Police

The Rolling Stones


There will be boxed sets, live albums, never-before-seen artwork and images, and other connections to your favorite artist that aren't digital, and that you can actually touch and hold.

El Guapo Records in Tyler will participate, and they're at 257 South Broadway.  They say they have a plethora of music choices now, and they'll have even more this summer.

Other new exclusive releases coming on this summer's Record Store Days are posted HERE.  And regardless of what's for sale, it will be another great opportunity to support a Tyler business.  And add some cool colors to your vinyl collection in the process.

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