It has been said that the women in Texas are some of the most beautiful in the world. And now, fans of leggy ladies can cite Houston as the home of the woman with the longest stems ... anywhere!

Lauren Williams, a fitness and swimwear model from Space City, holds the title thanks to a competition of sorts that originated in Russia and eventually spread online. Models from all over the world entered the contest and at 6 foot, 4 inches tall, Lauren has been crowned the Queen.

Lauren's legs measure 49 inches from the top of her hip to the soles of her feet. Her inseam is 39 inches. To put that into context, the average woman's inseam is about 45 percent of her height. Lauren’s is 51 percent of her height.

So, what did she win? Well, nothing, really. Just the title. But she's pretty proud of her stature. Her Instagram username is "TheClassicGiraffe."

Lauren says she comes from a long line of tall people. Everyone in her family is at least 6 feet tall. And she's turned her height into a pretty great career. She's appeared in swimwear ads for Nike and Maralese.

And, yes, boys ... she's single and looking! Lauren says she'd ideally prefer someone taller than her, but she does realize that the odds are stacked against her on that one.