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First off, I'd really like to thank Gwen Stefani for ensuring I'd be able to quickly and easily spell bananas for the rest of my time on Earth. Now if someone could just come up with a banger for "necessary" and "definitely," I'd be all set.

Everyone loves "nanners," especially in their most perfect form: Banana Pudding. It's a Southern staple that shows up at every potluck, family reunion and I even had it at a funeral once. I wouldn't say it made the funeral any better, but it certainly didn't make it any worse.

Of course, all banana pudding should include crumbles of specifically Nilla wafers and slices of real banana in the banana pudding mix. I made scratch banana pudding once and nearly whisked my arm off, so at this point, I use the mix. It's the more authentic "Texas grandma" flavor, anyway.

Sonic Drive-in has found a way to make the perfect dessert even more perfect-er by blending it into a shake. Vanilla soft serve + banana pudding mix + real bananas + Nilla crumbles + whipped cream with a cherry on top = an absolute diet ruiner. Yum!

The shake is set to stick around for the bulk of summer and will leave us on August 29th. Don't despair though, as People.com puts it so eloquently:

The fast food restaurant is the undisputed king of creating shake concoctions we never asked for (but never knew we needed!), so we're anxious to see what fall has in store.

Surely they have to bring back the Pumpkin Pie Shake, right? Right.

Oh man, now I'm dreaming of a theoretical shake, too.

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