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What is going on in this world? Why would anyone throw a pot of boiling water on anyone, let alone an innocent child? That's allegedly what took place June 17th in a Taco Bell in Dallas and now that customer is suing Taco Bell, the franchisee, and other Taco Bell entities for $1 million.

The incident began when Brittany Davis and her daughter received their incorrectly prepared $31 food order through the drive-thru window. After two additional attempts by Taco Bell employees trying to prepare the order correctly, they apparently still failed and that's when things escalated.

According to WFAA, Brittany Davis and her daughter, C.T., went inside the restaurant with the food and receipt and went to speak with a manager. The lawsuit states once they entered the restaurant, the doors were locked behind them by an employee. After about a 10-minute conversation and a refusal to correct the order, the employees became combative and that's when the customers were attacked with a pot of boiling water.

Inexplicably, the Taco Bell manager, a Hispanic female, (Jane Doe) who had not been involved in any of the conversations in the dining room, came from behind the counter with a scalding bucket of water and poured it onto C.T. and Brittany. This water hit C.T. in the face and chest with the boiling water running down her body and soaking into her clothes. Ms. Davis was also hit by the water in the chest."

The two escaped the building before an alleged second pot of water was to be dumped on them by this Taco Bell manager. Davis and her daughter, C.T., each received severe second and third-degree burns on their bodies and received treatment at a local hospital and a local ICU burn unit. The lawsuit states that Davis now has brain function damage because she experienced nearly a dozen seizures while making her way to the hospital.

The 19-page lawsuit filed in Dallas County names more than a half-dozen different charges against the defendants as well as several mentions of negligence by the individual employees. They are looking for the case to head to a jury trial.

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