When Onlyinyourstate.com listed Blue Noonday Store in Tyler as one of the 11 Under the Radar Restaurants in Texas That Are Scrumdiddlyumptious, I first thought, "Is that how you spell scrumdiddlyumptious?" and then I thought to myself there's gotta be tons of under-the-radar restaurants in Tyler. We put out a post and received a lot of feedback.

So here are our top 8 under the radar restaurants in Tyler.

What About Kabob

Jason Eisenberg | TSM
Good old Gyro | TSM

This is my favorite under-the-radar stop so far in Tyler. I heard it used to be great, switched management (and kind of fell off the wagon), and then switched management yet again. Whoever has taken charge has made it my favorite spot for fresh pita bread and gyros. They also have an open mic night if you like music with your food.

Located on 713 W Southwest Loop 323.

Lola's Handcrafted Sandwiches

Jason Eisenberg | TSM
Courtesy of Mia Whiting Tallant

Another spot I personally tried out. Easily one of my favorite sandwich shops around and one of our co-workers raves about their monster salads. They also make their own potato chips and apparently now are open during dinner hours.

Located on 16700 FM 2493.

Breakers: A Seafood Joint

Jason Eisenberg | TSM

Being originally from California, this building brings me back to those seafood shacks I used to frequent after surfing in the morning. They're specialty is fresh grilled seafood and steaks. They also do burgers and have a full service bar if you're in a cocktail mood.

Located on 5106 Old Bullard Rd.

Currents Restaurant and Bar

Jason Eisenberg | TSM

With raving reviews on Facebook, I don't know if this classifies as under the radar, but a lot of people suggested this restaurant for the list as it has a unique menu with a large selection of dishes - oh and it tastes good! According to their Facebook, they offer elegant interpretations of French and American cuisines.

Located on 6011 South Broadway.

Athena Greek & American Family Restaurant

Jason Eisenberg | TSM

Who says there can only be one Greek restaurant on a list? I get Greek food at least once a week and Athena is one of my more frequent stops. Great tzatziki sauce and a very diverse menu. A fan favorite includes the "Famous Picasso" - cheese tortellini with chicken (or lamb), feta, house dressing and kalamata olives.

Located on 1603 West Southwest Loop 323.


Jason Eisenberg | TSM

Yes, this is a chain, but a lot of people mentioned Fazoli's. If you're looking for fast and fresh Italian, Fazoli's might be a place worth giving a shot. They're business page emphasizes that it isn't fast food. It's fast, fresh Italian. Plus the prices are appetizing.

Located on 7205 South Broadway.

Loggin's Restaurant

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Who doesn't love a good ol' fashioned family buffet-style restaurant. Comfort food is supposed do exactly that: comfort. "Food cooked just like my mamma" - to me, there's not better compliment than that.

Located on 137 S Glenwood Blvd.

Mama's Restaurant (Diner)

Their motto is straight to the point: Good food, large portions and fair prices. A few of our staff members have had great experiences there. Fan favorites include their chicken fried steak and fajitas.

Located on 2105 E 5th St.

If we left out your favorite under-the-radar restaurant, let us know! The more food, the merrier.