If you plan on trick or treating for Halloween Wednesday night but don't have a costume yet, it's not too late to get one together. I went to a Halloween party over the weekend and saw quite a few costumes that could be pulled together at the last minute and look good for trick or treating too. Here are just a few of the costumes that I saw that appear to be easy to do.

  • An Old Cat Lady

    Wear a house robe with stuffed kittens and cats attached to it along with slippers and a night cap and you're done!

    cat beads, flickr
  • A Cereal Killer

    Get the small boxes of cereal and some plastic knives and a red marker. Empty the boxed cereal, then put the knife through the box and finally color around the knife with the red marker to appear as blood and attach them all over a shirt and jeans and your an instant cereal (serial) killer.

    Gamma Man, flickr
  • A Self Portrait

    This is easy, get an empty picture frame (leave the glass at home though) and all you've gotta do is hold up the frame in front of your face and just like that you're a picture!

    DarrleBirkett, flickr
  • Clark Kent/Superman

    Find that old Superman t-shirt in your closet and then wear a button up shirt half buttoned and a loose tie with some black glasses and your an instant super hero!

    Tostie 14, flickr
  • Iron Chef America participant

    This should be pretty easy to pull off, just wear a chef's hat and apron holding an iron.

    thomas_sly, flickr
  • A member of the Black Eyed Pea's

    Get a plain t-shirt and put a large letter "P" on it and then with artist's make-up give yourself a black eye and your a member of group!

    TooFarNorth, flickr
  • A bucanneer

    This one is cheap and costs just $2! Tape a dollar bill to to each ear and you're an instant pirate!

    HealthWyze.org, flickr