After living in East Texas my entire life, I kind of have a been-there, done-that attitude. It seems like there is nothing new or exciting for me to do that I haven’t already experienced. So, I did some research to see what exciting things East Texas holds that I may not know about, and what I found shocked me. Who knew there were so many interesting things to do right here in East Texas? Check out what we found after the jump.

Grab the family and drive out to the gator and wildlife park in Grand Saline. They have gators from hatch-lings up to 13 feet long. Make it a memorable birthday party or date by hanging with some alligators and other wild animals.




This place is a ton of fun for the whole family.Go out to the blueberry farm,buy a basket, and pick until you just cant pick anymore!





Go on a wild safari and experience these animals up close and personal! Drive thru the park at your own pace and feed the animals and be a part of their world!




First let me clarify, there is a New York, Texas. And it is home to the longest zipline in Texas. This is definitely a great place to get outdoors and experience nature in a different way!




Fly high over East Texas and get a good view, then take a dive. This is the perfect place for all of you adrenaline junkies, and this would be a once in a lifetime experience no doubt.




Who knew there was a whole tiger sanctuary right here in East Texas? You can go and visit all of the big cats and even see some babies too. Who knows, maybe you’ll even get to play with one.





This is a great place for the kiddos. They have all types of water life, shows, food, and just interesting things that is great for any age. It’s a great learning experience for all.