Have you procrastinated finding the perfect Halloween costume for this year? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Many people plan their Halloween costumes starting on  November 1, but that seems a bit excessive to you (and me too...) so here you are, without a costume and less than a week away from the big day. If you're asking yourself what to do, the answer is to simply read these ideas. You're welcome.


This has become a bit of classic last-minute costume, but it's still great...obviously that's why it's become a classic. The idea here is to write "Book" across your face. Yes, it's that simple. Washable marker and regular clothes - it's all you need.

Lame Excuse

For this one, all you need is a shirt you don't care about, a cane and a permanent marker. Now here's the fun part, take the marker and write as many silly excuses as you can think of on your shirt. Examples include: "my dog ate my homework" and "because I have to wash my hair." As for the cane, walk around with it all night. Get it? You're a lame excuse! Punny, I know.

Error 404

Another shirt and marker costume is the classic Error 404. Grab your shirt, write "Error 404 - Costume Not Found" on it, and you're set. No need to add any unnecessary work to your costume, right?

Nudist on Strike

This might be the easiest costume idea ever. Wear your normal clothes - I'm talking whatever you want to wear. Grab a piece of paper or small piece of cardboard and some string to make a sign to go around your neck. Find a marker and write "Nudist on Strike" on the sign, and your costume is done. Perfection.


The ever-popular costume never truly goes out of style. Grab some white sheets, cut eye holes out and voila. You've been magically transformed into a ghost.