Expensive homes are fun to look through both in person and virtually. It's nice to daydream about what we might live in one day. Take a tour through five homes that are listed at more than $2M. 

This property is the most expensive, but not my favorite. It appears that the value has a lot to do with the size of the acreage. Located at 17317 Highway 31, take a look.

Named, Castello Sul Lago, or Castle on the Lake, this is a truly gorgeous home. This custom home, located on the largest waterfront lot in the Cascades, has a built-in aquarium and beautiful marble.

Looking for something a little more rustic? Look no further than this ranch-style home in Bullard Check out that fridge with barn doors!

Looking for a country home complete with stables? Here you'll find it. Over 65 acres, and three barns will provide plenty of space for the horse breeder you've always wanted to be.

Ok, this one is my favorite. I'll move in as soon as I locate the $2.6 M I'll need to purchase this luxurious home.

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