Our special workday bonus continues again every day this week:  more continuous classic rock will be rollin' while you're on the job.  Yes, our 96-Minute Commercial-Free Music-Marathons are happening all day long once again Monday through Friday.

We'll start 'em right after the John Boy & Billy Big Show at 9 in the morning as usual, but as soon as one ends, another one will kick off almost immediately!  Classic Rock 96-1 will keep on playin' all that commercial-free music until almost 7pm!  That's at least 20 songs-in-a-row, non-stop & commercial free for over 9 consecutive hours, for 5 more consecutive days!

That means you'll hear more Led Zeppelin, more Pink Floyd, more Van Halen, more Rolling Stones, more Aerosmith- more of all your favorite classic rock superstars.  Classic Rock 96-1's 96-Minute Music-Marathons all day long- so much great commercial-free music, you might actually feel like your time on the clock goes by a little quicker than usual...  maybe!

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