It seems like we say the same things every year... something along the lines of “we’re going to start early this year”. Although it seems like it never ends up happening like that. It always seems like a mad rush at the end of the year and often times you think you have everything done and everyone checked off the list but then you realize you forgot something. Ugh, it’s the same stress every year. But seeing as how another year is flying buy I wanted to bring these Christmas Shopping suggestions your way before most people are thinking about Christmas. 


While we still have a few holidays to enjoy before we start thinking about Christmas, if you have a big family, it’s never to early to start your Christmas shopping. You know that the big holiday will be here before you know it. Planning can make all the difference in the world, so before the holiday fun and joy is upon us it might be a great idea to sit down and make a list or a plan of the things you need to accomplish. You can start working on that list now so it’s not so crazy at the end of December. 

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Don’t Over-Extend Yourself 

It’s easy to sign up to help people on events or projects at the end of the year, but remember you have your own to-do list to get completed. Don’t feel bad about saying no when you’re starting to get overwhelmed toward the end of the year. It’s okay to take time to care for yourself too. 

Take Time to Enjoy 

Remember that Christmas isn’t about the presents or money you spend, it’s about time with loved ones. This is time that you will never get back, so make memories now that you can cherish as you get older. To avoid some chaos at the end of the year here are 10 ways to make your Christmas shopping easier this year. 

10 Ways to Make Christmas Shopping Less Stressful

Christmas shopping can be a joyful but stressful experience. To make it easier and more enjoyable, consider the following ten tips:

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