One of my favorite TV shows to date is Tru TV’s World’s Dumbest Criminals. The show highlights events caught on camera by dumb criminals and the celebrity commentary is hilarious and I am sure this story will make the countdown.

This is a prime example of ‘Instant Karma’ in Shanghai, China. Video footage caught two suspected robbers attempting to break into a place of business when things suddenly took an unexpected turn for the dynamic duo.

ABC 13 reports one of the robbers threw the brick into the window and it bounced off, but when the second guy attempts to throw his brick, he nailed his partner in crime with it - clearly he wasn't a baseball player growing up. With his partner knocked out cold, the newest New York Yankees pitcher drags him away from the crime scene.

Social media has already gone rampant with jokes at the failed robbery attempt:

Shanghai Police released a statement which makes it even more funny:

If all thieves were like this, police wouldn’t have to work overtime.

Enjoy the footage and try not to laugh.

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