A 10-year-old boy from Sulphur, Louisiana is being called a hero for helping his mom deliver his new baby brother over the weekend.

On Sunday, ABC 13 reported on a miraculous story of Ashley Moreau who was going to the bathroom when all of the sudden her water broke right before noticing her baby’s feet hanging out. That’s when her son Jayden when into action.  Ashley’s fiancé away at work so Jayden went to his grandmother's to call 911. When he returned he asked his mom what he needed to do until they arrived.

Jayden told ABC:

I just had to pull him by his legs, not hard, gently, until he came out. I was just hoping I didn't hurt him when I was pulling him out.

It was great thinking on Jayden’s part because doctors said if he didn’t help his brother then and there, he could have died along with his mother from bleeding out.

Jayden’s mom was so thankful and said:

 I'm just so proud of him. I don't think he understands how big this is - he saved me and his brother's life.

Mom, baby, and Jayden are all doing fine and recovering.

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