The stories keep getting stranger and stranger. Quick question: If your kid is getting into your Lexus and he's dripping wet, what do you do? Put down a towel? Make him change clothes? Nah, just make him ride in the trunk. A woman from Edina, Minn., has been charged with child endangerment for putting her nephew in the trunk because he had wet clothes on from the water park he was at and she didn't want it on her seats in her new Lexus.

Witnesses at the water park saw a boy climb into the trunk of a car, so they notified police. The police pulled her over and found the kid in the trunk.

The boy, who had been dropped off at his home in Wayzata before police stopped his aunt, told police that he had gone on a water ride right before they left Valleyfair and that his aunt had wanted him to ride in the trunk because he was wet and that he didn't want to question her. Despite the console being open and being able to fit his face in the opening, the boy said, he was still hot and would have rather sat in the back seat.

The boy's 14-year-old sister told police that he had seemed excited about riding in the trunk. She said she and her grandmother had "somewhat of an uneasy feeling" about the boy riding in the trunk, but they, too, didn't question her aunt.

So, she let the middle console bar down so he had air. How sweet of her.