A Walmart in Elizabethtown, NC is in some hot water after forcing some veterans to leave the front of the store on Sunday for passing out poppies in honor of Memorial Day.

Walmart management says they were just following company policy, but many people are outraged that they didn't make an exception for our military heroes -- especially on the eve of a very special holiday to honor our fallen military men and women.

In their defense, Walmart's policy is that these types of activities must be booked in advance and one one group can book the date at a time. Walmart had no record of the VFW reserving the date, so they let another group in. The VFW members admitted that they should have followed up with a phone call to make sure the date had been reserved.

Walmart said in a statement:

Our company's appreciation for the military runs deep through our history. As one of the largest private employers of veterans, Walmart is proud to recognize and support those who have served and are serving our country.

So what do you think? Should an exception have been made?