A man who worked at a Verizon Wireless store in Florida Illegally stole a women's nude photos and copied them while she was in the store getting a new phone.

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According to police reports, an employee at a Verizon Wireless store in Florida illegally copied naked photos contained on the phone of a female customer and then shared the images with a fellow male employee, according to police, who yesterday hit the duo with felony charges.

The police found out about the problem when one of the employees last month showed the nude pictures to a male customer who happened to know the girl and told her what he was shown by this clerk.

The woman told police that she had gone to the Verizon outlet near Tampa, Fla., to replace a damaged phone. While there, clerk Joshua Stuart provided her with a new phone and “assisted her with the transfer of data” from her cell phone to her new one.

Stuart later confessed to the crime police.