Everyone has wanted to tell the boss, or a judge, or a politician to go screw themselves. There a lot of jobs out there with bosses that won't get off your back and never gives you a day off. There are judges that make you work for free (for the troublemakers) and politicians that want to take your money and make you work harder to make ends meet. Well these next five songs are dedicated to all those people that try to control you. Labor Day is your day to say, put it where the sun don't shine. Bet you will agree with them all.

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    Signs by Telsa

    These boys tell you how it is out in the world when you look a little different. They also show you how to outsmart the man and give him a piece of your mind.
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    The Good Life by Three Days Grace

    This says it all. All any of us want is a little of the good life. Security, respect, and a little fun along the way.
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    Nothing But A Good Time by Poison

    I raise a toast to all of us, who are breaking our backs everyday. Need I say more.
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    Youth Gone Wild by Skid Row

    This is for all you youngsters out there. Don't let them tell you who you need to be.
  • 1

    I Don't Give A... by Dope

    This is the ultimate "Go screw yourself" song. Dope tells you how it is with "No Regrets".