Wow, I thought movie theaters where bad. This list will really make you think again about touching anything -- especially when you're flying 30,000 feet in the air.Now I have personally seen people clip toenails and pick boogers and wipe it on the seats while flying, but I also knew there are more disgusting things going on especially after this flight attendant told us what she and other attendants have seen on the job.

The Top Ten Gross Things Flight Attendants Have Seen Passengers Do on Airplanes:

  • 10. A woman breast pumping, fully exposed with no baby
  • 9. Breast milk leaking from the overhead bins onto passengers
  • 8. Woman returned a blanket covered in boogers
  • 7. A first class passenger picked something off his bare foot and ate it.
  • 6. A man urinated on a seat while waiting for the bathroom.
  • 5. A woman used the "ped egg" on her feet during flight.
  • 4. A man tried to dry wet socks (off his feet) with the air vent above his head.
  • 3. Found a pair of bloody panties in a seat pocket.
  • 2. Used adult diapers in the bathroom.
  • 1. A passenger used the tissue (out of the tissue box dispenser in the restroom) to clean up after their bowel movement.