There are women's sports with great uniforms and then there are women's sports with not so great uniforms, or as I say, sexy uniforms. Today we are going to talk about the sexy ones that sometimes keeps us riveted to the TV watching a sport that you might not even like just because the athlete looks just plain hot.

To start this off, lets talk about why I am interested in this today. It all started when I was high school watching a volleyball game in the gym. And I said, 'Wow, these girls are hot!"

I didn't like volleyball game as much as I really just liked watching the girls jump around in their tight, skimpy uniforms. And over the years I have appreciated some games that I would have never watched just because the women where looking good in the uniform. Even female golfers can be hot (see above left!).

Lets just say if you had a choice of the sexiest uniform in women's sports which would you pick? The poll is up, so get your click on! These are my top 5. If you have a good uniform, post it.